Thursday, December 6, 2012

Post Reading Questions Week Fourteen

The readings we did in class this week every author is trying to find solutions to fix the PIC. There was an article that I read and agreed with which was Abolitionist Alternatives. This article talks about how the author wants to get rid of the PIC and find other solutions not to incarcerate people. The PIC makes money off of how many people enter the prisons. It also ties in to racism and slavery. How it ties into racism and slavery the PIC incarcerates the people of color because most of them are in the drug war or immigrants. The PIC criminalizes immigrants and on the war on drugs. It’s the PIC ties into slavery because the immigrants and the people that are incarcerate for drugs are minorities that make supplies for the world and the inmates are getting paid less just like the salves back in the day or they aren’t getting paid at all.

Some of the solutions that the PIC can help the people that are involved in the war of drugs is to make program to help people is to create rehabs, and facilities to educate them. Also the PIC doesn’t have to incarcerate the immigrants why not send them back to their country and let their country give them consequences. One thing that really got to me is when student in high school even in middle school kids are getting arrested for the thing things. Schools nowadays are like prisons. I feel like if schools are treating kids criminals they will grow into and it harder for students to be successful in an environment like that.

My own experience I went to a school that the population of the school was white. That school we had so much freedom we barely had any cops on our campus. Once I transferred to Delano High that most of the community are Mexicans and Filipinos. The first day of school at Delano there was cops and cop cars everywhere. It was different. When I walked in.. There were two cops to enter the school. Most of the time the officers would stop the guys that aren’t wearing belts or wearing a color shirt and they would stop girls if there shorts were too short and they would check their purses. It was crazy to me. The school before I went to Delano High we had the privilege to go off campus to eat lunch but at Delano High we didn’t have that privilege the students that did the principle would check their records such as how good they are doing in class and they had the privilege to go off campus most the rest of the school we had to stay inside and eat.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Post-Reading Questions-Week Thirteen

The motivation for incarcerating people is to stop crime on the streets that people are committing. I feel the system is doing that but also incarcerating people and putting them in the joint because the system makes money off one person. So the more people entering the system the more the system is getting.

Racial caste System means who’s in high more priority and who is on the bottom of the totem pole. In the prison system the people of color are considered second class status compared to the whites. People of color are labeled criminals even though they haven’t committed a crime they are classified and labeled in. Most people of color such as blacks and Latinos come from communities that lack education, poverty, and don’t offer a lot of opportunities. The population in the prison system there are more colored people being locked up than whites because the lack of resources that the colored people have and police officers patrol in communities that have blacks or Latinos in and have the high crime rate.

The industrial part of PIC is that they make supply such as furniture and distribute it to the outside world when the inmates make them. The PIC is a private company or business that hire inside the prison system and they pay them to make the supplies. Prison-Industrial Complex means it’s a private prison that is a company or business that makes supply goods, which hire in the prison the inmate that committed a minor crime. They would hire the inmates and pay them less than hire anyone else that they have to pay minimum wage. I don’t agree to this because they are locked up for a reason and that they shouldn’t get paid or have so much freedom in the prisons. Even though they are behind bars and they are limited to things they still have so much priority in there that they shouldn’t.  

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pre-Reading Questions Week 13

In my opinion Race and crime is connected because most of minorities’ come from poverty and neighborhoods called the “Ghetto” and cops are always there to monitor the neighborhood. I also feel like race also connects to crime because police officers are focusing on appearance and where there are more crime being committed in. Police officers tend to patrol and focus on high crime town and cities that have high minority population and are low income communities. In my opinion crime can happen everywhere. Crime just doesn’t happen in the ghetto it can happen in towns that are wealthy and are well off. They need to treat every community the same I get that low income can have more crime because its poor but it can happen in communities that have money.

The function of prisons in America is MONEY, POWER, and CONTROL. But I also feel that prisons also keep our country safe putting away those criminals and murders away. But again… I feel that our prison system is over impacted and we pay a lot of tax dollars to these companies. How I see it. And what I’ve heard from my family that prisoners have a lot of freedom. It’s who you know inside and what connections you have. Every time my cousins get released from the system they end up going back because they said its easier in there than out here when they are released.

Prison-Industrial Complex – the “industrial” part means it’s a private prison company and businesses that supplies goods. These businesses and companies can hire in the prison and can pay the prisoners less than they would a person that is not incarcerated.  These private prison industries incarcerated the prisons that committed minor crimes.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Week Eleven Post-Reading Questions

In the film I learned a lot about hip hop and the culture and where it came from. One main interesting that I learned from the film that most rappers were talking about sex, drugs, women, and violence. As a consumer, I just listen to the beats and the rhythm. After I watched the film I put one of my rap songs on while I was listening to it, in today’s society most of music still talk about sex, drugs, and women not so much on violence. Comparing today’s music and the music back in my middle school years it has calmed down a little bit. This film didn’t change how I feel or think about hip hop. I feel hip hop/rap artistes job is to entertain the listeners and the consumers.

The filmmaker Burton Hurt made some arguments with this film.
The hyper-masculinity and violence present in hip-hop is part of the larger American culture that values and promotes violence. (
               I don’t agree. I don’t feel that people are going out in the world and shooting people but I do agree on the hyper-masculinity. The hip hop/rapper artists are a big role model on kids these days how they are dressed mostly young little boys. Do I feel that hip hop/rap artistes have a big role in kids I agree but to an extent.

 Hip-hop is both homophobic and homoerotic simultaneously. (
               Yes I agree. In the film when Busta Rhyme was getting interviewed and was question about gays, and lesbians he couldn’t even look the guy in the guy that was interviewing him or answer the question he just walked away. I also agree hip-hop/rap is homoerotic simultaneously because most artists that are promoting their music also when they are preforming their shirts come off and are greased up and showing off their body. It attracts both sex because women love to see muscle and buff men and guys also do to even though they don’t think they are but they are because most guys look how big they are and they want to be built as the artist.

 Music corporations, which are run by wealthy white men, are responsible for prioritizing the messages that hip-hop promotes. (
            It goes both ways. I don’t know where I stand because the artist makes their music and they choose what to rap or sing about. But again the music corporation has the right not to promote it. I don’t know where I stand on this argument.

 The genre of hip-hop is denigrating to women. (
          I agree that hip-hop/rap artist do put a bad name for women. Not all women just want shake their asses and are half naked. Women have the right to wear bikinis and show off their bodies but it’s not okay for men to touch women without their consent. I don’t care what the lyrics say in the music it’s just not okay. It’s disrespectful and men need to treat women like how they would treat their mothers.

 Hip-hop/rap music has its pros and cons. But am I going to stop listening to it, No I’m.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pre-Reading Questions Week Eleven

Hip Hop music’s purpose is about inspiration and motivation of someone life. In hip hop the person is telling the listener about their life but not in a book in a different way with music and rhythm. Hip Hop isn’t just entertainment of the person that is singing it or talking about it but the listeners such as I is entertainment. The music has a story but not all music is a story about the artist life. If you listen to the words and not the music or the rhythm it’s such a powerful story. Most of the artists of Hip Hop are black males and black females. But now it’s diverse in the hip hop industries and even rappers are diverse.  Hip Hop is a problem around the world some parents don’t let their children listen to it. My parents hated and it wasn’t allowed to be heard in my house. My dad thought it was provoked and it wasn’t music it was music that downgraded women. I don’t think it is. I think it’s just music and its entertainment and that’s all I hear.

Hip Hop has its pro and cons. The positive some artist talks about love and how its life and some people can relate and also some artist music can be motived. Athletes such as me listen to rap or hip hop to get me in the mood before my games. One song that I always listen to is “My Time” by Fabolous ft Jeremih. This song talks about how to go hard and how to live in every moment. It motives me and gets me in the mood. The cons about hip hop most artist talk about sex, girls calling them the B word or hoes, sluts, and tricks and parties and drinking. But I can understand it talks about all that but its entertainment and the music isn’t for everyone. Also the music videos most videos are provoked because there are females that are half dressed and naked and just dancing with the stuff coming out.
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Pre-Reading Questions Week Eleven

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pre-Reading Questions Week Eight

Learning Disabled (LD): A person that has significant learning problems in an academic area there are unknown factors about this disorder its affects the brain’s ability to receive information.

Mentally Retarded (MD): There are signs of symptoms’ of mental retardation that are all different behaviors. People, well most people that are mentally retarded don’t look like it. Mental retardation is politically incorrect; the term is intellectually mentally changed people to acquire later in life through brain injuries or diseases. Being mentally challenged can or many appear at any age.

Emotionally Disturbed (ED):  Serious emotional disturbance to those are from birth age of majority who are diagnosed with mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder.

Almost schools and districts have special education programs throughout the United States. By law, states have to provide special education programs for those children who have special needs; such as developmental disability, learning disability, emotional & behavioral disability etc.

My own experience I was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder). I was diagnosed when I was a freshman in high school. I had no idea I had it when I was in high school or middle school. It doesn’t affect me as much when I was in middle school now because I was taking medicine for it but I stopped because I knew I was at an age that I can control it and I didn’t want to be on pills all my life. So I controlled it. Being around special needs children and adult’s race, gender, class can impact their lives. I’ve learned just being around them that these kids are really smart. My softball coach has a little brother that has down-syndrome, this little guy knows 4 different languages top of that he knows sign language. It’s just amazing. They are just so amazing to be around with. These kids have so much stuff going on in their lives but they are the happiest kids because they are just alive. It’s just amazing to be around them.

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